The inner booklets


The booklets are made exclusively from writing paper which has been specifically developed and made by Thibierge Paris. It is made from linen fibres. Flax for linen is mainly grown in Normandy. France is the world’s foremost producer of flax. The magnetic binding system is protected by patent in numerous countries. This highly innovative binding system provides great flexibility.



The modular nature of the Thibierge Carnet means that you can organise it exactly as you wish. This is a very individual choice. It depends on your personality. On your lifestyle. You can choose the layout which suits you best, selecting a notebook and a sketchbook, or a diary and a notebook, or even a personal notebook and a professional notebook. Some might wish to have as many notebooks as they have subjects: a notebook by client, or a notebook by theme. When you leave home in the morning, you can compose your Carnet to suit the day ahead. 

a wide selection


A lined page with 6.5 mm interspacing suits fine handwriting, while the version with lined pages and 7 mm interspacing is ideal for a rounder hand. Or you might prefer plain pages, more suitable for sketching. There is a range of 9 different inner booklets, including 3 diaries, for the Thibierge Carnet.

See the booklets models

share your notes


If you have an iPhone, download the free app from the App Store and automatically share your handwritten messages or sketches on your social network or by email. Scan your pages and the app automatically files them by booklet in your smartphone. Try it, it’s magical! You can order your booklets via the app, without worrying about which model to choose: the app will suggest it for you. And it will be delivered directly to your door.

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