Caring for your Thibierge Carnet

Precautions for use

Le Carnet by Thibierge is made from an ultra-resistant composite material Laboratory tests have

demonstrated its resistance to an 80 cm fall from a desk onto a stone floor.



The lacquer has been developed from the best currently available anti-scratch technology. Like an item in leather, the lacquer will progressively gain a patina over time. In 2019, Thibierge Paris will offer a cleaning product to bring back the shine to a cover which has developed a patina.

To give the cover complete protection, we recommend using the alcantara pouch contained in the Thibierge Carnet box.

The opening mechanism of your Thibierge Carnet is composed of hinges which open to more than 180°. We recommend not forcing the hinges back further than their limit.

The micro-magnets integrated in the magnetic closure and binding of your Thibierge Carnet are encased in micro-cages to deflect the magnetic force towards the interior. We recommend avoiding contact between a bank card or any other magnetised medium and the spine or flaps of your Thibierge Carnet.

The micro-magnets in the closure and binding of your Thibierge Carnet have an unlimited lifespan.

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