The Thibierge Paris house

Paper designer since 1987

Maison Thibierge has its roots in the craftsmanship of Emeric Thibierge, paper designer for luxury brands since 1987.


Le Carnet Thibierge

The sustainable paper

The Thibierge Paris writing paper is exclusively made with linen fibres, a highly sustainable material.

All about linen


Le Carnet Fine & soft notebook

Sustainable with its linen fibres writing paper.

Available in two sizes.

Discover Le Carnet Fine & soft 09.14

Discover Le Carnet Fine & soft 14.19

Le Carnet Thibierge

The mobile notebook

Le Carnet Thibierge is a true mobile notebook, refillable, ultra-compact and made in France. It fits easily into a jacket pocket or small bag.

Available in two sizes.

Discover Le Carnet

Le Carnet Thibierge

The customizable notebook

Its magnetic binding allows you to personalize the contents of your notebook by choosing two refills. Personal or professional notes, to-do-lists or sketches: compose the Carnet that suits you best. 

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Le Carnet Thibierge

The models

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