Thibierge Paris

Emeric thibierge

Our history

Thibierge has grown from the expertise of Emeric Thibierge and his team over the last 30 years.

Emeric Thibierge is the founder of Thibierge & Comar followed by Thibierge Paris. He invented a trade for himself: that of paper designer. As with textiles, designers must anticipate tastes and fashions, identify perceptions and interpret current trends… Paper becomes a fashion accessory, a material with potential for creativity and innovation.

Emeric Thibierge is never without his notebook. He creates papers like accessories in their own right, working on their substance, texture, palette of colours and design with a team of engineers. His designs include Rives, Cromatico, Skin, Evanescent and Dentelle.

These are unique papers with character, unlike any others, born from the mind of a nonconformist. Emeric Thibierge is an unusual figure in the paper industry.

His approach stands at the crossroads between design and technology; he draws his inspiration equally from fashion and nature, the world which surrounds him and his travels to Tokyo and New York. He never misses an architecture show, a photo exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, a retrospective at the Palais Galliera fashion museum or an event at the Paris Museum of Natural History.

I created the Thibierge Carnet when pondering what Steve Jobs’ or Karl Lagerfeld’s notebooks might be like. Contemporary, intuitive, a sleek design and, dare I say it, intelligent. In short, a notebook which is a product of its time.

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