Today, Thibierge Paris has created the world’s lightest writing paper: a square metre sheet weighing 48.5 grams, with 200 pages measuring just 6 mm in thickness. To achieve this feat, we have used the strongest possible plant fibre to obtain such light paper: flax fibre. Paradoxically, this paper (the world’s finest and lightest) also benefits from the best technology currently available to absorb ink from a fountain pen. We tested dozens and dozens of different pens and inks, at all prices, from every origin and in every colour. None of them passed through the paper, however fine it may be. If in spite of these results your fountain pen or writing instrument does not give you complete satisfaction on Thibierge paper, please let us know, giving us the brand of your writing instrument, the brand of cartridges or refills and colour of ink. Christian Dior used the words Gris du petit jour (daybreak grey) to evoke the soft light of a Normandy morning. I was struck with the aptness of this description on visiting the Normandy flax farms at dawn. The colour of the paper came to me quite naturally, as if it was meant to be: a pale grey like the promise of dawn, a tribute to the origin of its fibres, creating a delicate contrast with the ink which would be softer on the eye and so much more pleasant to read.

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