Linen culture - I. Seeding

Linen culture - I. Seeding

First episode of a serie of articles about linen culture. The house of Thibierge Paris has exclusively made its writing paper with linen fibres. It seemed to be essential to introduce this little known ancestral French tradition.


The linen exploitation has a long history. Linen was certainly one of the first fibres used by human. Its first vestiges date back to 36,000 years BC.


The linen farming is an identity of the North of France, extending from the Nord Pas-de-Calais to Calvados. Haute-Normandie alone accounts for 50% of the world's production of quality linen fibres. It is an opportune alliance between the hand of man and the force of nature. A unique land thanks to its mild oceanic climate, alternating between rain and sun, combined with the craftsmanship transmitted from generation to generation.


Linen is a very environmentally friendly fibre. Indeed, it does not require any other watering than that of rainwater.


The seeds have just been sown (on March and on April). They have 100 days to become a plant up to a meter high. To succeed in this growth, they will flourish during a mild and rainy spring.


 Source: ©V.Lappartient _ Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre _


For more information : European Flax website


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